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Zhengzhou Zheng Fang Yuan International Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:34
Zhengzhou Zhengfangyuan Jinjiang Inn is located at No.86, South Huanghe road, Zhengdong new district, Zhengzhou, China. Opened at 2011, the 19-storey hotel features 296 rooms with best service

Zhengzhou Zhengfangyuan Jinjiang Inn Internazionale is located in Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou city Jinshui road and the Yellow River Road intersection 200 meters to the south. Close to the subway, 30 minutes away from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport, Zhengzhou Railway Station 20 minutes, only 15 minutes away from downtown.
Zhengzhou Zhengfangyuan Jinjiang Inn Internazionale solely managed by Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotel Management Co. Ltd., built according to international five star standard, set rooms, catering, conference, Kangle as one of the international business hotel. Zhengzhou Zhengfangyuan Jinjiang Inn has many kind of special rooms, which are the main style of European style warm, low carbon environmental protection high-grade furniture, Shanghai Jinjiang group's unique "Oriental Dream" mattress, 19-21 executive floor has more than 50 various administrative room, registration of regional independent, noble and elegant executive lounge provides a full range of professional services for you.

Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Shuangjing / Jinsong
Address:Beijing · Beijing · chaoyangqu - No.61 East Third Ring Middle Road Chaoyang District Beijing China